About Decotouch Paints

Decotouch Paints, a name known for innovation, technology, color range and quality preferred work culture, is rapidly leading this quality brand to capture the recognizing market share in paint manufacturing industry. With head office in capital city Delhi, “Decotouch Paints” manufactures and markets a range of decorative & industrial paint products under various product names and has its countrywide distribution network of dedicated dealers.

The company has always motivated all who work with it. Improvements in the areas of quality, innovation, product distribution, product advertising and relationship management, continues to inspire and direct our growth activities today. As a result, we are excelling at creating and selling products that preserve, protect and beautify our homes, building and structures – products that our customers desire and demand.

Our commitment to color inspires an ongoing search for the perfect hues. the ones that lead our customers to exclaim ” that’s my color”. Our distribution network does more than just sell our products, they provide the service and the tools that give customers confidence about their product choices, their color selections. and their ability to get the best results possible.

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